Waiver Certificate Requirement

Cargo transported to Mali requires a cargo tracking note

Waiver Control:

A Cargo Tracking Note (CTN) must be issued at the port of loading (POL) for all shipments to Mali, this is mandated by the Malian Shippers Council (Conseil Malien des Chargeurs). It is important that a Cargo Tracking Note (CTN) is issued for every individual Bill of Lading (BOL).

Bill of Lading No., freight details, cargo value and date of issuance are compulsory on the CTN; shipments with an incomplete Cargo Tracking Note (CTN) will be refused.

Pre-Shipment Inspection:

Pre-Shipment Inspections are required for cargo being shipped to Mali as mandated by the Ministère de l Economie et des Finances and Ministère de l Industrie et du Commerce. This is undertaken in the port of load (POL) country for the purpose of customs clearance.

Minimum Order Value Subject to Pre-Shipment Inspections:

XOF 3,000,000 FOB

Documents Required:

Final invoice [showing FOB value, freight and ancillary charges, as well as any advance payment (if applicable), Bill of Lading. Here the details and where you can submit the documents using the online system

Partial Shipments:

Partial shipments require a Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) if the total order value is equal or above XOF 3,000,000 FOB, all FCL shipments require a PSI irrespective of value.

Goods Prohibited from Import:

  • Food products containing potassium bromate
  • Potassium bromate
  • Chemicals containing at least one of the following products: aldrine, endrine, dieldrine, heptaclore, chlordane, mirex, hexachlorobenzene, toxaphene, polychlorobiphenyles (‘PCB’)
  • Oil and products containing polychlorobiphenyles (‘PCB’)
  • Alcoholic beverages in plastic bags
  • Drugs and narcotics
  • Toxic waste
  • All foreign products natural or manufactured, mentioning on any part of the packaging, labelling or on the product itself, a brand or commercial name, any sign or indication whatsoever which might lead believe that the product was made in Mali or is of Malian origin
  • All goods whose origin is or which are shipped from Israel
  • Pesticides if not approved by the Authorities
  • Live bovines and their meat products (sausages, corned-beef, ham, tinned meat, meat cubes, meat), as well as animal food made from bones, blood and meat

Restricted Imports:

  • Importation of non-ionized salt, not destined to human consumption: authorization from the concerned authorities
  • Importation of explosives and pyrotechnic products: authorization from the concerned authorities
  • Importations of cyanide: authorization from the Ministry of health or the Ministry of Mines
  • Products that deplete the stratospheric ozone layer (substances containing chlorine or bromine, CFC and HCFC): authorization from the Ministry in charge of the Environment
  • Importations of cigarettes, tobacco and matches: authorisation from the Ministry of Industry and Trade
  • Weapons and ammunitions: authorised by the concerned authorities
  • Importation of meat other than bovine and game products: presentation of the certificate of origin and the sanitary certificate
  • Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (‘DDT’): authorisation from the Ministry of Enviroment
  • Importation of fishing nets with fine meshing (smaller than 50mm): authorisation from the Ministry of Water and Forest
  • All medicines for human use: authorisations from the Ministry of Public Health
  • All medicines for veterinary use: authorisation from both Ministry of Health and Ministry in charge of stock breeding

Goods Exempted from Pre-Shipment Inspection:

  • Live animals
  • Scrap metal
  • Wood
  • Fertilizers
  • Plants, seeds and flowering products
  • Current newspapers and periodicals, fiscal stamps and postal stamps, bank notes, cheque books, credit cards and stamped paper
  • Cinematographic films – exposed and developed
  • Sera, vaccines
  • Crude oil
  • Postal parcels and commercial samples
  • Personal effects and domestic used items, including one used vehicle
  • Personal gifts, donations (except donations to private persons or private entities), bona fide gifts, supplies to diplomatic, consular missions and supplies to United Nations Organisations for their own use in Mali
  • Imports ordered by the public administration for their own account
  • Vehicles of heading 8701 to 8705 and 8716
  • Precious metals, precious stones and objects of art
  • Goods with a total FOB value under XOF 3,000,000
  • Explosives and pyrotechnic products
  • Ammunitions and weapons other than those for sport and/or hunting, equipment and materials ordered by the army for its own use
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