Waiver Certificate Requirement

Cargo transported to Madagascar does not requires a waiver certificate

Waiver Control:

Madagascar BSC certificate is required for all shipments including air cargo. Your Shipment cannot be cleared through the customs without valid BSC number

Pre-Shipment Inspection:

Pre-Shipment Inspections are not required for shipments to Madagascar

Goods Prohibited from Import:

Madagascar, Africa

  • Import of Vehicles: Documentation Required
    In regulation # 045MT/SG/DGTT/DTR/SSR dated 02/07/12 the Magalche Ministry of Transport decreed that all vehicles imported into Madagascar, the name and address of the owner at loading must appear on all Custom clearance documentation. This information must be the same as that written on the sale or session certificate. No correction will be accepted at the destination.
  • Import of Vehicles: Ban of Right-Hand Side Vehicles
    Regulations # 002/MT/SG/DGTT/DTR/SSR dated 06/02/12 and #046MT/SG/DGTT/DTR/SSR dated 02/07/12 specify that import of right-hand drive vehicles are banned. Vehicles will have to be changed into left-hand side vehicles until 15/08/12 latest, within the SMMC area.