Waiver Certificate Requirement

Cargo transported to Gabon requires a BIETC tracking note certificate

Waiver Control:

An Electronic Bordereau d’Identification et de Traçabilité des Cargaisons (BIETC) now replaces the Bordereau d’Identification des cargaisons (BIC). This cargo tracking note is compulsory for customs clearance for cargo entering Gabon.

Documentary Requirements:

Please note: a draft of BIETC Certificate can be provided if the original document cannot be produced before the vessels’ departure. This draft must be validated within 10 days of the vessels departure. The BIETC number should also appear on the manifest and the Bill of Lading (BOL).

The agent responsible for issuing BIETC certificates is Le Conseil Gabonias des Chargeurs (CGC –

BIETC Instructions

In order to obtain a BIETC the cargo shipper or forwarder will need to register on the Gabonese Shippers’ Council website, login and complete the necessary information: bill of lading number, shipper, consignee, cargo description, container number, cargo value, value of freight, cargo origin / destination port and vessel / voyage number.

Submit this information and a CGC agent will validate the BIETC online, once validated the form will display a ‘Visa Validated’ notification and BIETC number which needs to be provided to the cargo’s shipping line.

Pre-Shipment Inspection:

Scrap metal being imported or exported to Gabon requires a Pre-shipment inspection in order to avoid delays and increased costs.

Restricted Imports to Gabon:

In accordance with the ‘Plan sectoriel Environnement du Plan Stratégique Gabon Emergent’ (PSGE), the Gabonese government has decided to strengthen rules on imports of used vehicles. The importation of used vehicles more than 3 years old is banned. The original car registration document or a legal copy will be required for all imports of used vehicles including personal cars, buses, lorries, vans and pick-up trucks.

Goods Prohibited from Import to Gabon:

Gabon - BIETC Tracking Note

  • Non-recyclable plastic bags