Waiver Certificate Requirements

Cargo transported to Benin requires a pre-shipment inspection

Pre-shipment Inspection:

Benin requires that pre-shipment inspection – PSI (Inention D’Imortation – IDI) is carried out for all imports into Benin. For the purpose of customs clearance this is undertaken at the port of load country.

Pre-shipment Inspections are managed by BIVAC (Bureau Inspection Valuation Assessment Control) International.

Minimum Value for Pre-shipment Inspection:

XOF (CFA) 3,000,000 FOB

Part (LCL) Shipments:

Subject to Pre-shipment Inspection if the total order value is above minimum order value.

Documents Required:

According to GetCTN, documents required to provide Benin BESC are Transport Document/BL, Final Goods Invoice, Export Entry Bill and Packing List. Other specific documents such as quality certificate and certificate of non-radioactivity may be requested by BIVAC International offices where appropriate.

Goods Exempted from Pre-Shipment Inspection:

  • Precious stones and metals
  • Objects of art
  • Explosives and pyrotechnic products
  • Weapons and ammunitions
  • Live animals
  • Scrap metals
  • Current newspapers and periodicals
  • Used household and personal effects including a personal vehicle further to a relocation approved by the competent authority in the previous residence
  • Commercial samples
  • Gifts by foreign governments or international organisations to the State, schools and libraries, religious missions, foundations, charities and recognised humanitarian organisations
  • Gifts and supplies to diplomatic and consular missions or United Nation Organisations imported for their own needs
  • Perishable food consumer goods transported at the ambient temperature, cooled or frozen
  • Recorded and developed films for public purposes (35mm)
  • Natural or artificial plants or cut flowers
  • Medicines and pharmaceutical products
  • Used tyres
  • Goods exempt from taxes and duties
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  • Generic casodex prices

Type of Report Issued:

Certified Invoice – Bureau Veritas / BIVAC certified exporter’s final invoice for Letter of Credit transactions by request.

Importer: Certificat de Renseignement sur les Prix (CRP) – required for clearance of goods.

Certificat d’Inspection des Marchandises (CIM) – issued for the use of customs.

Certificat de Non Conformité (ARA ) – issued in the event of quality and/r quantity discrepancies not corrected by the exporter.

Inspection Fees:

Benin, AfricaPaid by the Government. In case of Certificat de Non Conformité (ARA), fees are paid by importers. BIVAC may still invoice the seller in the event of supplementary inspection visits, the costs incurred by the seller in presenting the goods for inspection (unpacking, handling, testing, sampling and repacking) are for the account of the seller.

Prohibited Imports:


Restricted Imports: