Waiver Certificate Requirements

Cargo transported to Niger requires a cargo tracking note

Waiver Control:

A Cargo Tracking Note (CTN) / Bordereau de Suiv de Cargaison (BSC) must be obtained for all cargo shipments to Niger, this must be obtained at the port of loading (POL). A representative of the Conseil Nigerien des Utilisateurs des Transports [CNUT] at the port of loading with issue the CTN/ BSC. This is compulsory for customs purposes.

Responsibilities and Cost:

  • The responsibility relating to the issuance of the CTN/ BSC and all costs lie with the shipper
  • The CTN/ BSC number must be included in the manifest
  • Information required on the CTN/ BSC is compulsory
  • Local representatives at the port of discharge (POD) will inspect each and every shipment on the presence of a corresponding Cargo Tracking Note. Shipments without a CTN/ BSC with result in delays and fines/ seizures.

Pre-Shipment Inspection:

Pre-Shipment Inspections are required for cargo being shipped to Niger as mandated by the Ministry of Economy and Finances. This is undertaken in the port of load (POL) country for the purpose of customs clearance.

Minimum Order Value Subject to Pre-Shipment Inspections:

XOF 2,000,000

Partial Shipments:

Partial shipments require a Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) if the total order value is equal or above XOF 2,000,000

Goods Prohibited from Import:

  • Drugs and narcotics

Goods Exempted from Pre-Shipment Inspection:

Niger, Africa

  • Imports with a total FOB value below XOF 2,000,000
  • Explosives and pyrotechnic products
  • Arms and ammunition
  • Objects of art
  • Precious stones and precious metals
  • Scrap metals
  • Live animals
  • Newspapers and periodicals
  • Freshly cut flowers
  • Petroleum projects in liquid or gas form
  • Goods imported for mining companies
  • Importations which are not paying import taxes and must be declared with an II form
  • Cinematographic films for public cinemas (35mm) exposed or processed
  • Perishable food products, transported at room temperature or chilled
  • Personal effects and household items including one used vehicle as a personal belonging on the occasion of a change of domicile, duly confirmed by the authorities on the previous domicile
  • Personal gifts
  • Postal parcels
  • Commercial samples
  • Donations by foreign governments or international organisation to the State, public schools and libraries, charity organisations, religious missions and philanthropic foundations recognised to be of a public necessity by the Republic of Niger.
  • Donations and supplies to the Diplomatic and Consular missions, of any affiliated organisation of the United Nations, imported for their use.
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